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Stray Neurons: 

a collection of nonsense from the ridiculously bloated family website formerly known as rogerandbrenda.com. Everything here is a complete, utter waste of your time.

Life in the 1980's
Life in 1909
Life in the 1500's
Google circa 1970
Things Mother taught us
Dolphin Stress Test
Why men are happier than women
work vs. prison
Free McDonald's coupon
Cool Things About Men
Redneck Etiquette
Redneck Exercise Program
Redneck Horoscope
You know you're from Louisville if
You know you're a redneck if
Tips for visiting the South
Things only Southerners Know
Things you learn from movies
Amazing crab video
Dr Seuss Explains Computers
Dogs' Prayers
How to wrap a gift
Health Questions Answered
List of Phobias
Free Eye Exam



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