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Up Time: Couldn't have said it better myself...

House for Rent Marietta

Just posted:  a ONE YEAR STATUS REPORT on the Butt Ugly Boat

Most of the site is still a work in progress as I migrate everything over from all the old sites, but the boat log has a few new things to see and there are some family photos starting to reappear under family.

Let me warn you that the navigation bars around the website are a little dodgy at the moment. Since I'm moving several websites into one and using url masking to lead traffic and...oh, never mind. You don't care why the navigations bars are dodgy. Just don't rely too heavily on your "refresh" button for awhile until I get everything in place and then all will be well. In the mean time, use you browser's back button if you get lost in the weeds and want to go back to a page you've viewed previously.

Check back again soon, okay?


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