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New Throttles and Cables
plus we're f-f-f-f-f-r-eeeezing

February, 2009  The boat was a wreck during the months of January and February as the renovations cranked along. The new carpet was down but the furniture was still away being recovered which meant it wasn't easy to find somewhere to sit and relax. On top of that, there were boxes and boat parts everywhere. Every. Where.

Even worse, it was cold inside the boat and by "cold" I mean "frigid". There are three AC/heat systems on board and two of the three needed repair. We had to rely on the four small wall heaters for warmth, and when they couldn't keep up on the coldest days we brought in two large electric heaters for additional heat, but even that had its frustrations as the dock's electrical panel tended to blow when we turned all of them on at the same time. All I can say is it was a miserable time to be working on a butt ugly boat. I wanted to curl up in the corner with a cup of hot chocolate and my woobie.

The biggest project during February was the installation of new shifters, throttles and cables.

From the beginning we'd known there was at least one cable that wasn't quite right--most likely a kink somewhere--so we had all new cables installed for the pilothouse and the flybridge. 

While we were at it, we bought all new throttles too and paid extra for these groovy knobs with recessed red stripes which Morley really, really had to have.

Don't ask me--it's a man thing.

The old shifters which Morley said would not do at all. I have no idea why. I sold them on eBay for around $175

The pilothouse during the great shifter-cable installation. It was a wreck.

The new shifters/throttles before we added the sexy striped balls.

The holes in the boat into which we poured $3,000

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